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Q: What is UNZ.org?

A: The UNZ.org website is intended to provide convenient access to a large quantity of high-quality content material, mostly published over the last 150 years in America and England, including both articles and books, encompassing over one million readable items and titles of another million items not readable due to copyright. Much of this material has never previously been available anywhere on the Internet and should be useful for researchers and intellectual historians.

Q: Why do you include non-readable articles and books?

A: The inclusion of the copyright-excluded material allows users to examine a more nearly complete collection of a given author's writings, even if many of the particular items themselves are currently unavailable due to copyright. If necessary, many of these other items can often be accessed and read on other websites or content systems, especially in the case of extent publications. Furthermore, there is a chance that at some future point these publications will be released for reading on this website as well.

Q: The website seems very different than when I previously visited. What's the story?

A: The current Version 2.0 release of UNZ.org incorporates major design changes from the previous version, but nearly all of the same underlying printed content is still available. Given the relatively slight use of the previous links to external videos and webzines, these portions have been removed, thereby streamlining access to the printed materials which constitute the main value of the system. Another major change has been the widespread use of Javascript, rendering most of the pages "reactive" as you begin entering information.

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A: Most of the main pages of the website contain one or more "Reactive Clouds," with the names of various authors or publications. Javascript functions cause these Clouds to "react" and change the displayed information as you begin typing in the entry boxes. For example, as you enter the first few letters of an author's name on the Home page, the Clouds adjust to display only those authors whose names begin with those letters. Similar adjustments occur as you start typing in a particular decade or year, or if you select one of the drop-down settings or other filter. This allows you to quickly focus in on the individuals you are seeking based on your particular criteria.

At any point, the relative size of the names in a given Cloud indicates the volume of underlying content material associated with that name. Meanwhile, the color indicates what fraction of the content material is readable (for copyright reasons): bright blue indicates mostly readable, dark blue indicates partly readable, and black means mostly unreadable

Q: How do I find a given article or book?

A: The main Articles and Books pages, as well as the Overview tabs for individual authors or publications, display a Listing of articles (or books) towards the bottom of the page. Like the Clouds, these Listings are "reactive" and automatically adjust as you being typing in any of the information in the various data entry fields---Title, Author, Publication, or Period, displaying only those items that match your selection.

Q: What about the individual publications?

A: When you reach the pages associated with a given publication, you can examine the contents in a number of different ways, accessed via the different tabs. The default Overview tab gives you the Cloud of authors for that publication plus the Listing of individual articles, with both of these being "reactive" as you provide information in the Title, Author, or Period fields.

There are also several other tabs. The Tree tab displays a dynamic tree allowing the individual time periods, issues, and articles to be opened for greate detail. The Year Contents tab displays the tables of contents for all the issues of a given year, the Issues, Small Covers, and Large Covers tabs display those views of the contents for a given decade, and the All Years tab provides an overview of the entire archive of the periodical. In addition, the drop down field in the control bar may be used to explore the different periods. All these pages allow for convenient browsing of the contents of a given periodical and clicking on any of the individual links accessing more detailed information.

Q: How does Searching work?

A: As mentioned above, much of the exploration of the website contents is normally performed by browsing the various different pages or entering information into the various text fields and having the displayed information automatically adjust. Actual Searches are performed in a parallel manner, by entering the target information into the data fields and then pressing the Search button (or simply hitting Enter). The system then performs a Search across the selected Text, Title, Author, and other information and displays the findings in a new Search Results tab.

Searches may be performed on any of these individual pages, or on the Power Search page, which allows for more detailed Searches across all content material.
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Year 1963 Archives
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  • Total Archives: 717 Items - 120 Articles, 587 Reviews, 9 Books, 1 Chapter
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    Items - 1963
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    1. [+]
      (17 Reviews)
      Crime in Our Time, by Josephine Bell
      1. Crime in Our Time by Josephine Bell
      2. How to Catch 5000 Thieves by Gerard Luisi and Charles Samuels
      3. The Corrupt Judge by Joseph Borkin
      4. Criminal Interrogation and Confessions by Fred E. Inbau and John E. Reid
      5. Conscience of the Court by Edward Sefton Porter
      6. The Quality of Murder by Anthony Boucher
      7. Dickens and Crime by Philip A.W. Collins
      8. The Zebra-Striped Hearse by Ross MacDonald
      9. Run Like a Thief by Michael Niall
      10. Wantons Die Hard by Leonard Gribble
      11. The China Governess by Margery Allingham
      12. Born Victim by Hillary Waugh
      13. Hatchet Man by Winfred Van Atta
      14. Cream of the Crime by Hugh Pentecost
      15. Night of Shadows by Frances Lockridge and Richard Lockridge
      16. Obsession by Lionel White
      17. Wreath for a Redhead by Peter Chambers
      The Saturday Review
      , January 26, 1963, p. 48 - PDF
    2. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      Sherlock Holmes, Esq., and John H. Watson, M.D., by Orlando Park
      1. Sherlock Holmes, Esq., and John H. Watson, M.D. by Orlando Park
      2. Practitioners of Murder by Charles Boswell and Lewis Thompson
      3. Bloody Instructions by Sara Woods
      4. Too Many Doctors by Holly Roth
      5. The Body at Madman's Bend by Arthur W. Upfield
      6. Call for the Dead by John Le Carre
      7. Like Love by Ed McBain
      8. The Snow Job by Malcolm Gair
      9. Mexican Slay Ride by Sidney Weintraub
      10. Death of a Busybody by Dell Shannon
      11. Death of a Snout by Douglas Warner
      12. The Edinburgh Caper by St. Clair McKelway
      13. The Decorated Corpse by Roy Stratton
      14. The Birthday by E.L. Withers
      15. The Day She Died by Helen Reilly
      16. The Hunter and the Hunted by W.H. Canaway
      The Saturday Review
      , March 2, 1963, p. 42 - PDF
    3. [+]
      (17 Reviews)
      The Huey Long Murder Case, by Hermann B. Deutsch
      1. The Huey Long Murder Case by Hermann B. Deutsch
      2. Poisoner in the Dock by John Rowland
      3. The Light of Day by Eric Ambler
      4. The Diplomat and the Gold Piano by Margaret Scherf
      5. The Subject of Harry Egypt by Daniel Broun
      6. Mourners' Voyage by Shane Martin
      7. The Man on a Nylon String by Whit Masterson
      8. The Zilov Bombs by Donald G. Barron
      9. I Was Cicero by Elyesa Bazna and Hans Nogly
      10. No Questions Asked by Forbes Rydell
      11. Find the Woman by Doris Miles Disney
      12. Gideon's Ride by J.J. Marric
      13. Deliver Us from Wolves by Leonard Holton
      14. The Chase by Richard Unekis
      15. Technique for Treachery by Seldon Truss
      16. Black Flamingo by Victor Canning
      17. Proof of the Pudding by Phoebe Atwood Taylor
      The Saturday Review
      , March 30, 1963, pp. 51-52 - PDF
    4. [+]
      (20 Reviews)
      The Dillinger Days, by John Toland
      1. The Dillinger Days by John Toland
      2. Catch a Falling Spy by Nathaniel Benchley
      3. The Massingham Affair by Edward Grierson
      4. The Hidden Key by George Harmon Coxe
      5. The Fourth of Forever by Bill S. Ballinger
      6. Arrangement for Murder by Roger Simons
      7. Murder on the Line by John Creasey
      8. The Big H by Bryan Peters
      9. Fifth Passenger by Edward Preston Young
      10. The Case of the Mischievous Doll by Erle Stanley Gardner
      11. Isle of the Snakes by Robert L. Fish
      12. Too Friendly, Too Dead by Brett Halliday
      13. Business of Murder by Charles Boswell and Lewis Thompson
      14. The Expendable Man by Dorothy B. Hughes
      15. Return from Ashes by Hubert Monteilhet
      16. Deadly Contact by Amber Dean
      17. The Tarnished Angel by Hugh Pentecost
      18. Softly in the Night by M.E. Chaber
      19. Back Door to Death by Rae Foley
      20. Crimes and Chaos by Avram Davidson
      The Saturday Review
      , April 27, 1963, p. 42 - PDF
    5. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      The Trial of Marie Besnard, by Marie Besnard
      1. The Trial of Marie Besnard by Marie Besnard
      2. Day Huey Long Was Shot by David H. Zinman
      3. The Sherlock Holmes Companion by Michael Hardwick and Mollie Hardwick
      4. 1962 Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What~~Nineteen Sixty-Two Sherlockian Who's Who and What's What by W.T. Rabe
      5. Murder by the Book by Frances Lockridge and Richard Lockridge
      6. Ellery Queen's Anthology: 1963 Mid-Year Edition by Ellery Queen
      7. Gamble with Death by Roger Simons
      8. The Grey Sentinels by Bill Knox
      9. The Night, the Woman by Stephen Ransome
      10. The Shaggy Dog and Other Murders by Fredric Brown
      11. Dead Men Rise Up Never by Christopher Landon
      12. War of Nerves by Paul Brickhill
      13. The Burden of Proof by Jeffrey Ashford
      14. Fish or Cut Bait by A.A. Fair
      15. She Fell Among Thieves by Gretchen Travis
      16. Death of an Angel by Clay Richards
      The Saturday Review
      , May 25, 1963, p. 36 - PDF
    6. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      Smith and Jones, by Nicholas Monsarrat
      1. Smith and Jones by Nicholas Monsarrat
      2. Lion in Wait by Dorothy Gardiner
      3. Bye, Baby Bunting by Day Keene
      4. The Prowler by Frances Rickett
      5. Nightingale at Noon by Margaret Summerton
      6. Such Is Death by Leo Bruce
      7. A Dragon for Christmas by Gavin Black
      8. Craig's Spur by E.S. Madden
      9. Everybody Adored Cara by Ann Head
      10. The Trouble-Makers by Celia Fremlin
      11. The Man Who Never Laughed by Anthony Hare
      12. Die a Little Every Day by Lawrence V. Fisher
      13. Double Exposure by Donald MacKenzie
      14. Journey Into Violence by Douglas Orgill
      15. Call from Austria by Martha Albrand
      16. Murder's Little Helper by George Bagby
      The Saturday Review
      , June 29, 1963, p. 35 - PDF
    7. [+]
      (15 Reviews)
      Masterpieces of Murder, by Edmund Pearson and Gerald Gross
      1. Masterpieces of Murder by Edmund Pearson and Gerald Gross
      2. The Dalton Gang by Harold Preece
      3. Border Guard by Don Whitehead
      4. The Hodge Scandal by George Thiem
      5. Killy by Donald E. Westlake
      6. Evidence of the Accused by Jeffrey Ashford
      7. It's Different Abroad by Henry Calvin
      8. Murder a la Mode by Patricia Moyes
      9. The Doubly Dead by E.X. Ferrars
      10. The Case of the Stepdaughter's Secret by Erle Stanley Gardner
      11. Death on Jerusalem Road by Douglas Angus
      12. After the Fine Weather by Michael Gilbert
      13. Death and Circumstance by Hillary Waugh
      14. The Wasp by Ursula Curtiss
      15. The Edge of Terror by Jeremy York
      The Saturday Review
      , July 27, 1963, p. 23 - PDF
    8. [+]
      (17 Reviews)
      The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann, by Moshe Pearlman
      1. The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann by Moshe Pearlman
      2. Escape from Alcatraz by J. Campbell Bruce
      3. Alcatraz: 1868-1963 by John Godwin
      4. Trial at Bannock by Jesse Bier
      5. No Dust in the Attic by Anthony Gilbert
      6. How Awful About Allan by Henry Farrell
      7. Alice by E.V. Cunningham
      8. The Dead Can't Love by Judson Philips
      9. Tiger in the North by Simon Harvester
      10. No. 9 Belmont Square by Margaret Erskine
      11. Cry Havoc by Richard Martin Stern
      12. The Weird World of Wes Beattie by John Norman Harris
      13. The Month of the Falling Leaves by Bruce Marshall
      14. All Night at Mr. Stanyhurst's by Hugh Edwards
      15. Flush as May by P.M. Hubbard
      16. The Late Clara Beame by Taylor Caldwell
      17. Dead Hero by William Campbell Gault
      The Saturday Review
      , August 31, 1963, p. 27 - PDF
    9. [+]
      (18 Reviews)
      Run to Evil, by Lesley Egan
      1. Run to Evil by Lesley Egan
      2. Fiasco in Fulham by Josephine Bell
      3. The Mother Hunt by Rex Stout
      4. Which the Justice, Which the Thief by William Harrington
      5. Here Lies by Doris Miles Disney
      6. The Make-Believe Man by Elizabeth Fenwick
      7. On Her Majesty's Secret Service by Ian Fleming
      8. Ten Plus One by Ed McBain
      9. A Time to Retreat by Brian Cooper
      10. The Undetective by Bruce Graeme
      11. The Five Deceivers by Flora Armitage
      12. Mr. Holmes at Sea by Conrad Voss Bark
      13. The Third Encounter by Sara Woods
      14. The Drum of Ungara by Bill Knox
      15. Best Detective Stories of the Year by Anthony Boucher
      16. The High Wire by William Haggard
      17. Egypt's Choice by Daniel Broun
      18. Through a Glass Darkly by Val Gielgud
      The Saturday Review
      , September 28, 1963, p. 64 - PDF
    10. [+]
      (20 Reviews)
      Treason in the Twentieth Century, by Margret Boveri
      1. Treason in the Twentieth Century by Margret Boveri
      2. Burgess and Maclean by Anthony Purdy and Douglas Sutherland
      3. The Habitual Prisoner by Donald James West
      4. The Sea Monks by Andrew Garve
      5. The Mirror Crack'd by Agatha Christie
      6. The Player on the Other Side by Ellery Queen
      7. A Place for Murder by Emma Lathen
      8. Death at Crane's Court by Eilis Dillon
      9. Gauge of Deception by K.G. Ballard
      10. One Hour to Kill by George Harmon Coxe
      11. The Distant Clue by Richard Lockridge and Frances Lockridge
      12. Waiting for Oliver by Simon Troy
      13. Bridge of Sand by Frank Gruber
      14. Zanzibar Intrigue by F. Van Wyck Mason
      15. Seven Pillars to Hell by Hugh Marlowe
      16. The Scene of the Crime by John Creasey
      17. Undercover Cat by Gordon Gordon and Mildred Gordon
      18. The Money Trap by Lionel White
      19. Bushranger of the Skies by Arthur W. Upfield
      20. Hopjoy Was Here by Colin Watson
      The Saturday Review
      , October 26, 1963, p. 48 - PDF
    11. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      The Big Sell, by Pierre Berton
      1. The Big Sell by Pierre Berton
      2. Spectacular Rogue: Gaston B. Means by Edwin P. Hoyt
      3. Practical Fingerprinting by B.C. Bridges
      4. Racing Law by John O. Humphreys
      5. The Tangled Web
      6. The Vindicators by Eugene B. Block
      7. Stories of Famous Detectives by Leonard R. Gribble
      8. Murder in Big Cities by Bruce Sanders
      9. Florentine Finish by Cornelius Hirschberg
      10. Dead Water by Ngaio Marsh
      11. A Pride of Felons by Gordon Gordon and Mildred Gordon
      12. Stories My Mother Never Told Me by Alfred Hitchcock
      13. Mute Witness by Robert L. Pike
      14. Run if You're Guilty by James McKimmey
      15. Tales of Terror and Suspense by Stewart H. Benedict
      16. Don't Shoot, Darling by Henry Holt
      The Saturday Review
      , November 30, 1963, p. 40 - PDF
    12. [+]
      (19 Reviews)
      Revolt in the Mafia, by Raymond V. Martin
      1. Revolt in the Mafia by Raymond V. Martin
      2. Flight 967 by Brad Williams
      3. Professors of Perfidy by Alan Hynd
      4. Dead Calm by Charles F. Williams
      5. The Twelfth of Never by Douglas Heyes
      6. The Most Dangerous Game by Gavin Lyall
      7. The Seventh Fury by John Castle
      8. Prisoner's Plea by Hillary Waugh
      9. The Yellow Trousers by Pete Fry
      10. Make My Bed Soft by Jack Webb
      11. The Case of the Amorous Aunt by Erle Stanley Gardner
      12. Ghost Hunter by Hans W. Holzer
      13. A Choice of Assassins by William P. McGivern
      14. Five Days to Oblivion by David O. Woodbury
      15. Death of a Painted Lady by Brian Cleeve
      16. The Bridge of Lions by Henry Slesar
      17. The Saint in the Sun by Leslie Charteris
      18. Ellery Queen's Mystery Mix No. 18 by Ellery Queen
      19. Close Quarters by Michael Gilbert
      The Saturday Review
      , December 28, 1963, p. 39 - PDF