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A: The UNZ.org website is intended to provide convenient access to a large quantity of high-quality content material, mostly published over the last 150 years in America and England, including both articles and books, encompassing over one million readable items and titles of another million items not readable due to copyright. Much of this material has never previously been available anywhere on the Internet and should be useful for researchers and intellectual historians.

Q: Why do you include non-readable articles and books?

A: The inclusion of the copyright-excluded material allows users to examine a more nearly complete collection of a given author's writings, even if many of the particular items themselves are currently unavailable due to copyright. If necessary, many of these other items can often be accessed and read on other websites or content systems, especially in the case of extent publications. Furthermore, there is a chance that at some future point these publications will be released for reading on this website as well.

Q: The website seems very different than when I previously visited. What's the story?

A: The current Version 2.0 release of UNZ.org incorporates major design changes from the previous version, but nearly all of the same underlying printed content is still available. Given the relatively slight use of the previous links to external videos and webzines, these portions have been removed, thereby streamlining access to the printed materials which constitute the main value of the system. Another major change has been the widespread use of Javascript, rendering most of the pages "reactive" as you begin entering information.

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At any point, the relative size of the names in a given Cloud indicates the volume of underlying content material associated with that name. Meanwhile, the color indicates what fraction of the content material is readable (for copyright reasons): bright blue indicates mostly readable, dark blue indicates partly readable, and black means mostly unreadable

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Foreign Affairs Archives
By Fritz Stern
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  • Foreign Affairs
    Total Archives: 80 Years, 335 Issues, 7,959 Articles, 69,189pp
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    Articles - All Years, Author:
    Fritz Stern
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    1. A Stranger's Impressions of Argentina and Brazil
      Foreign Affairs
      , July 1978, pp. 800-818
    2. Foreign Affairs
      , September 1993, pp. 108-125
    3. Foreign Affairs
      , Spring 1980, pp. 867-886
    4. Visions of Europe from Algiers to Tokyo
      Foreign Affairs
      , October 1977, pp. 111-135
    5. Reviews 
      Hitler's Willing Executioners, by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
      1. Hitler's Willing Executioners by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen
      Foreign Affairs
      , November 1996, pp. 128-138
    6. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. A Study of United Kingdom Imports by Maurice FitzGerald Scott
      2. The Memoirs of Lord Chandos by Oliver Lyttelton Chandos
      3. The War and Colonel Warden by Gerald Pawle
      4. A State of England by Anthony Hartley
      5. Yesterday's Rulers by Robert Heussler
      6. Britain Divided by K.W. Watkins
      7. The Easter Rebellion by Max Caulfield
      8. Communism and the French Left by Charles A. Micaud
      9. The French Army: A Military-Political History by Paul-Marie de La Gorce
      10. The Generals Wear Cork Hats by Ben Lucien Burman
      11. Reunification and West German-Soviet Relations by Werner J. Feld
      12. Stresemann and the Politics of the Weimar Republic by Henry Ashby Turner, Jr.
      13. The Origin of the West German Republic by Peter H. Merkl
      14. Berlin: Success of a Mission? by Geoffrey McDermott
      15. City On Leave by Philip Windsor
      16. The Politics of Italian Foreign Policy by Norman Kogan
      Foreign Affairs
      , January 1964, pp. 337-338
    7. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. The New Europe---Today and Tomorrow by George Lichtheim
      2. The United Kingdom and the Six by A. Lamfalussy
      3. Documents and Speeches on Commonwealth Affairs, 1952-1962 by Nicholas Mansergh
      4. British Political Facts, 1900-1960 by David E. Butler and Jennie Freeman
      5. Recruits To Labour by Catherine Ann Cline
      6. A Modern French Republic by Pierre Mendes-France
      7. Leopold III and the Belgian Royal Question by E. Ramon Arango
      8. Dutch Under German Occupation, 1940-1945 by Werner Warmbrunn
      9. Land and Power by Harold I. Nelson
      10. Stillborn Revolution by Werner T. Angress
      11. A History of the Weimar Republic, Vol. II by Erich Eyck
      12. Stresemann and the Greater Germany, 1914-1918 by Marvin L. Edwards
      13. The German Phoenix by William Henry Chamberlin
      14. Austria, Germany, and the Anschluss, 1931-1938 by Jurgen Gehl
      15. The Economic History of Modern Italy by Shepard B. Clough
      16. The Tragedy of Manuel Azana and the Fate of the Spanish Republic by Frank Sedwick
      Foreign Affairs
      , April 1964, pp. 507-509
    8. [+]
      (12 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Cabinet Reform in Britain, 1914-1963 by Hans Daalder
      2. Patronage in British Government by Peter G. Richards
      3. The New Look by Harry Hopkins
      4. Indian Immigrants in Britain by Rashmi Desai
      5. Federalism in the Commonwealth by William S. Livingston
      6. Adenauer: A Critical Biography by Charles Wighton
      7. The Reichstag Fire by Fritz Tobias
      8. DNVP by Lewis Hertzman
      9. The Kaiser and His Court by Walter Gorlitz and Admiral Georg Alex...
      10. The Defense of Berlin by Jean Edward Smith
      11. Switzerland Present and Future by Theo Chopard
      12. The United Nations and Portugal by Franco Nogueira
      Foreign Affairs
      , July 1964, pp. 690-691
    9. [+]
      (18 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Britain and the European Community, 1955-1963 by Miriam Camps
      2. Western Europe Since the War by Jacques Freymond
      3. EURATOM by Jaroslav G. Polach
      4. Eight European Central Banks
      5. Representative and Responsible Government by Anthony H. Birch
      6. British Politics in Transition, 1945-63 by Francis Boyd
      7. Hugh Gaitskell, 1906-1963 by William T. Rodgers
      8. British Politics in the Suez Crisis by Leon D. Epstein
      9. The Politics of Influence by Graham Wootton
      10. De Gaulle and the French Army by Edgar S. Furniss, Jr.
      11. Dream of Empire by Wolfe W. Schmokel
      12. The Captive Press in the Third Reich by Oron J. Hale
      13. Big Business in the Third Reich by Arthur Schweitzer
      14. Prelude to Downfall by Saul Friedlander
      15. Postwar Trade in Divided Germany by Karel Holbik and Henry Allen Myers
      16. Mussolini: A Study in Power by Ivone Kirkpatrick
      17. The Day of the Lion by Roy MacGregor-Hastie
      18. Waste by Danilo Dolci
      Foreign Affairs
      , October 1964, pp. 182-184
    10. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Europe Ascendant by George Liska
      2. The European Community and Its Role in the World by Max Kohnstamm
      3. A New Europe? by Stephen R. Graubard
      4. European Resistance Movements, 1939-1945 by Jorgen Haestrup
      5. A Start in Freedom by Hugh Foot
      6. Labour's New Frontiers by Peter Geoffrey Hall
      7. Purpose in Politics by Harold Wilson
      8. Proconsul in Politics by A.M. Gollin
      9. Communism and the French Intellectuals, 1914-1960 by David Caute
      10. Crisis and Compromise by Philip M. Williams
      11. The Burden of Guilt by Hannah Vogt
      12. German Social Democracy, 1918-1933 by Richard N. Hunt
      13. The Catholic Church and Nazi Germany by Guenter Lewy
      14. The Italians by Luigi Barzini
      15. Interest Groups in Italian Politics by Joseph LaPalombara
      16. The Six-Legged Dog by Dow Votaw
      Foreign Affairs
      , January 1965, pp. 369-371
    11. [+]
      (13 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Britain, Europe and Beyond by Uwe W. Kitzinger
      2. The Americanization of Europe by Edward A. McCreary
      3. The Common Market and American Business by Max J. Wasserman
      4. Changing Perspectives in British Foreign Policy by Kenneth G. Younger
      5. Great Britain or Little England by John Mander
      6. The Uncommon Commoner by John Dickie
      7. The British Labour Party by Carl F. Brand
      8. The French Radical Party in the 1930's by Peter J. Larmour
      9. The Social Democratic Party of Germany by Douglas A. Chalmers
      10. Nazi Propaganda by Z.A.B. Zeman
      11. Hindenburg and the Weimar Republic by Andreas Dorpalen
      12. The Honored Society by Norman Lewis
      13. The Presence of Spain by James Morris
      Foreign Affairs
      , April 1965, pp. 543-545
    12. [+]
      (21 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. One Europe by Rene Albrecht-Carrie
      2. Decline and Rise of Europe by John Lukacs
      3. What Kind of Europe? by Miriam Camps
      4. A Handbook on the European Economic Community by Gordon L. Weil
      5. Agriculture in Western Europe by Michael Tracy
      6. The British Political Elite by W.L. Guttsman
      7. British Press and Jews Under Nazi Rule by Andrew Sharf
      8. Harold Wilson: The Authentic Portrait by Leslie Smith
      9. Mr. Churchill in 1940 by Isaiah Berlin
      10. Wavell: Scholar and Soldier by John Connell
      11. France and the European Community by Sydney Nettleton Fisher
      12. De Gaulle by Francois Mauriac
      13. The King and His Court by Pierre Viansson-Ponte
      14. Government and Politics in the Nordic Countries by Nils Andren
      15. Switzerland: Example of Cultural Coexistence by Kenneth D. McRae
      16. The Federal Republic of Germany by Alfred Grosser
      17. Konrad Adenauer by Rudolf Augstein
      18. The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler by Roger Manvell and Heinrich Fraenkel
      19. The Gestapo by Jacques Delarue
      20. Revolution in Bavaria, 1918-1919 by Allan Mitchell
      21. The Spanish Republic and the Civil War, 1931-1939 by Gabriel Jackson
      Foreign Affairs
      , July 1965, pp. 714-717
    13. [+]
      (9 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. The Meaning of Europe by Denis de Rougemont
      2. The British General Election of 1964 by David E. Butler and Anthony King
      3. Nationalisation in British Politics by E. Eldon Barry
      4. From My Level by George Mallaby
      5. Asquith: Portrait of a Man and an Era by Roy Jenkins
      6. Kurt Schumacher by Lewis J. Edinger
      7. Capital Formation in West Germany by Karl W. Roskamp
      8. The Secret War Against Hitler by Fabian von Schlabrendorff
      9. Italy by Massimo Salvadori
      Foreign Affairs
      , January 1966, pp. 328-329
    14. [+]
      (16 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. The Rule of Law in European Integration by Stuart A. Scheingold
      2. The Structure, Function, and Law of a Tree Trade Area by John S. Lambrinidis
      3. The European Right by Hans Rogger and Eugen Weber
      4. The Politics of British Defense Policy, 1945-1962 by William P. Snyder
      5. British Strategy and Politics, 1914 to 1918 by Paul Guinn
      6. The British Economy in 1975 by Wilfred Beckerman
      7. Commonwealth Banking Systems by W.F. Crick
      8. Via Ports by Alexander Grantham
      9. A New Road for France by Jacques Soustelle
      10. United States Direct Investment in France by Allan W. Johnstone
      11. Paris Journal: Vol. I, 1944-1955 by Janet Flanner and William Shawn
      12. Political Parties in Norway by Henry Valen and Daniel Katz
      13. The Grand Design by Franz-Josef Strauss
      14. The German Economy at War by Alan S. Milward
      15. Goebbels and National Socialist Propaganda, 1925-1945 by Ernest K. Bramsted
      16. Spain: The Gentle Anarchy by Benjamin Welles
      Foreign Affairs
      , April 1966, pp. 535-537
    15. [+]
      (10 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. The European Idea by Hubert M. Gladwyn
      2. The Political Parties in the European Parliament by Guy van Oudenhove
      3. Communism in Europe, Vol. II by William E. Griffith
      4. English History, 1914-1945 by A.J.P. Taylor
      5. The Habit of Authority by A.P. Thornton
      6. Churchill: Taken from the Diaries of Lord Moran by Charles M.W. Moran and Winston Churchill
      7. Colour and the British Electorate, 1964 by Nicholas Deakin
      8. The Three Lives of Charles de Gaulle by David Schoenbrun
      9. Memoirs, 1945-1953 by Konrad Adenauer
      10. Growth and Structure in the Economy of Modern Italy by George H. Hildebrand
      Foreign Affairs
      , July 1966, pp. 709-710
    16. [+]
      (17 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Europe's Future: The Grand Alternatives by David P. Calleo
      2. Personalities and Policies by D.C. Watt
      3. Trade Policies for Britain by Sidney J. Wells
      4. Halifax by Frederick W.F.S. Birkenhead
      5. Pathways to Parliament by Austin Ranney
      6. Ireland Since the Rising by Timothy Patrick Coogan
      7. Scandinavia by John H. Wuorinen
      8. France by John C. Cairns
      9. Marxism in Modern France by George Lichtheim
      10. An Explanation of De Gaulle by Robert Aron
      11. Lost Soldiers by George Armstrong Kelly
      12. Atomic Energy Policy in France Under the Fourth Republic by Lawrence Scheinman
      13. Germany and the Atlantic Alliance by James L. Richardson
      14. Army, Industry, and Labor in Germany, 1914-1918 by Gerald D. Feldman
      15. Germany: Yesterday and Tomorrow by Peter H. Merkl
      16. Alcide de Gasperi: The Long Apprenticeship by Elisa A. Carrillo
      17. The International Brigades by Vincent Brome
      Foreign Affairs
      , October 1966, pp. 170-171
    17. [+]
      (9 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Europe's Postwar Growth by Charles P. Kindleberger
      2. Winston S. Churchill: Youth, 1874-1900 by Randolph S. Churchill
      3. Churchill and Beaverbrook by Kenneth Young
      4. The War Years, 1939-1945 by Harold Nicolson and Nigel Nicolson
      5. The French Communist Party and the Crisis of International Communism by Francois Fejto
      6. Berlin: The Wall Is Not Forever by Eleanor Lansing Dulles
      7. West German Foreign Policy, 1949-1963 by Wolfram F. Hanrieder
      8. The Swastika and the Eagle by James V. Compton
      9. Charisma and Factionalism in the Nazi Party by Joseph Nyomarkay
      Foreign Affairs
      , October 1967, pp. 213-214
    18. [+]
      (10 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Winston S. Churchill: Young Statesman, 1901-1914 by Randolph S. Churchill
      2. Workers, Unions and the State by Graham Wootton
      3. Western Europe by John Calmann
      4. Parliament Parties and Society in France, 1946-1958 by Duncan MacRae, Jr.
      5. Hitler's Pre-War Policy and Military Plans, 1933-1939 by Esmonde M. Robertson
      6. The Murderers Among Us by Simon Wiesenthal and Joseph Wechsberg
      7. The German Revolution of 1918 by A.J. Ryder
      8. The Rise of Fascism by F.L. Carsten
      9. The Bombs of Palomares by Tad Szulc
      10. Spain: The Vital Years by Luis A. Bolin
      Foreign Affairs
      , January 1968, pp. 406-407
    19. [+]
      (15 Reviews)
      Western Europe
      1. Political Union by Susanne Jonas
      2. Europe in a Shrinking World by Laurance D. Reed
      3. The Politics of the Common Market by William Hartley Clark
      4. MacMillan: A Study in Ambiguity by Anthony Sampson
      5. Essays on Reform, 1967 by Bernard Crick
      6. Britain and Europe: How Much Has Changed? by William Pickles
      7. A Wreath to Clio by John W. Wheeler-Bennett
      8. The Craft of Diplomacy by Douglas Busk
      9. De Gaulle's Foreign Policy, 1944-1946 by A.W. DePorte
      10. The Nordic Council by Stanley V. Anderson
      11. The New Sweden by Frederic Fleisher
      12. Germany's Aims in the First World War by Fritz Fischer
      13. Italy from Liberalism to Fascism, 1870-1925 by Christopher Seton-Watson
      14. The Fall and Rise of Modern Italy by Serge Hughes
      15. Foreign Trade and Economic Growth in Italy by Robert M. Stern
      Foreign Affairs
      , April 1968, pp. 606-608